Direct Deposit

Your Monthly Maintenance Fee* will be waived for each month that you Direct Deposit a total of at least $500 of your paychecks or government benefits. 


To set up Direct Deposit simply download and print our Direct Deposit Form and follow these directions:


  1. Call 1-800-586-0062 for your Direct Deposit information.

  2. Fill out the rest of the form and sign.

  3. Provide to your employer or benefits provider.

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*The Monthly Maintenance Fee will be credited to your Card Account, within five (5) days of being assessed, each calendar month in which you receive $500, in one lump sum or an aggregate of deposits totaling $500, in payroll or government benefit direct deposits. If, in the following calendar month, the minimum direct deposit of $500 is not met, the Monthly Maintenance Fee will not be credited.